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8.30 9.30

Opening Session

  • Omar Azziman, President, Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (HCETSR)

«Welcome and Opening Adress»

  • Rahma Bourqia, Director, National Authority of Evaluation (HCETSR)

«Introductory Address to the Symposium»

9.30 10.30

10.30-10.45 : Coffee Break

Session 1 : Issues and relevance of Research Evaluation

Chairperson : Albert Sasson, Member of the HCETSR

Keynote speakers :

«Research Evaluation Transformation»

“Tools and Mechanisms for the Evaluation of Scientific Outputs in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences: Issues and limits”

10.45 – 12.30

Open discussion


12.30-14.15 Lunch Break

Session 2 : Benchmarking and research evaluation measurement

Chairperson : Abdellatif Miraoui, Member of the HCETSR

«Evaluation needs and university rankings: Uneasy mutual dependence»

«From Benchmarking to Citations Indicators: Limits of Using Automated Metrics in research evaluation»

«European experiences with national research evaluation systems»

14.00  15.50

Open Discussion


15.50-16.05 Coffee Break

Session 3 : Social impact in research evaluation

Chairperson: Mohammed Noureddine Affaya, Member of the HCETSR

«Research on the Arab World and the lack of social impact»

«Assessing social impact. challenges and possibilities»

«Evaluating Social Science and Humanities Research Between Quality and Metrics»

How to evaluate the difference between raw science and refined science?

16.05  17.55

Open discussion


Closing first day’s work


Session 4 : Methods of research evaluation in national and international exercises

Chairperson: Nadia Amal Bernoussi, Member of the HCETSR

«Graduate schools and research networks in Brazil»

«A decade of Research Evaluation in France by an Independent Authority: Review and prospects»

«Assessment of the Moroccan experience on research evaluation: case study of the National Emergency Programme. »

«Research Evaluation in Science Policy»

9.00 11.10

Open Discussion


11.10 – 11.30 Pause-café

Session 5 : Scientific collaboration and its evaluation

Chairperson : Azzedine Midaoui, Member of the HCETSR

«Scientific Collaboration and Collaborative Research in Africa: Lessons Learned from the EU STI Model for Sustainable Development»

«Lessons from the interim evaluation of the European framework programme for research and innovation – Horizon 2020»

«Collaboration in Research and its Effects on Scientific Impact»

11.30 13.00

Open Discussion


13.00 – 14.15 Lunch Break

Session 6 : Evaluation mechanisms for doctoral programmes

Chairperson: Rabéa Naciri, Member of the HCETSR

“How to Support Good Quality Doctoral Education: A relevance of the evaluation process”

«Quality Indicators for the evaluation of doctoral theses»

«Doctoral programmes: A method for efficiency evaluation»

«Doctoral schools in Tunisia : mitigated results» 

«Evaluation for doctoral program quality improvement»

14.15 16.25

Open Discussion


16.25-16.55 : Coffee Break

General Conclusions – Albert Sasson – Member of the HCETSR

17.00 17.30

Symposium closing

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