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Carlos Alberto Aragão de Carvalho Filho was born in Rio de Janeiro, obtained a B.Sc. (1973) and M. Sc. (1976) in Physics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC/RJ, a Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University (1980), and held post-doctoral positions at CERN (1981) and at the University of Paris XI, Orsay (1982).

A specialist in Quantum Field Theory and its applications, he was Assistant and Associate Professor at PUC/RJ (1982-1993) and Professor of the Institute of Physics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ until his retirement (1994-2016). He was a Visiting Professor at the ICTP – Trieste, Princeton University, and UCLA, and directed the Latin American Center for Physics – CLAF (1994-1997).

He has held several positions: Secretary-General of the 3rd Brazilian National Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation (2004-2005), Director of Innovation of the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency – ABDI (2005), Director of Scientific Development of Finep, funding agency of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (2005-2007), President of the Brazilian National Research Council – CNPq (2010), General-Manager at the Vale Technological Institute – ITV (2011), Director-General of the Brazilian National Center for Research in Energy and Materials – CNPEM (2011-2014), Director of Technology and Innovation at Inmetro (2014-2016). Since May 2017, he is a Technical Consultant at the Directorate-General for Nuclear and Technological Development of the Brazilian Navy.

He has published more than 70 articles in Physics journals and supervised several dissertations. A member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), he has been awarded the medals of the Brazilian Order of Scientific Merit and of the Brazilian Order of Naval Merit. He is presently involved with the creation of the Brazilian Naval Agency for Nuclear Safety and Quality, and collaborates with the graduate school of the Institute of Physics at UFRJ.

Carlos Aragão de Carvalho
Carlos Aragão de Carvalho
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