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Mohammed Bamyeh is currently a professor of sociology at the University of Pittsburgh and the editor of International Sociology Reviews (ISR). He has delivered invited lectures and keynotes at many universities, research institutions and plenaries around the world.

He served most recently as the lead author of the first comprehensive report on social sciences across the 22 members states of the Arab League, Social Sciences in the Arab World: Forms of Presence (ACSS, 2015).

His books include :

  • Intellectuals and Civil Society in the Middle East (ed., Tauris 2012);
  • Anarchy as Order: The History and Future of Civic Humanity (Rowan & Littlefield 2009);
  • Of Death and Dominion: The Existential Foundations of Governance (Northwestern UP 2007);
  • The Ends of Globalization (Minnesota UP 2000);
  • The Social Origins of Islam: Mind, Economy, Discourse (Minnesota UP 1999);
  • The trend report Transnationalism, published as a special issue of the International Sociological Association’s journal Current Sociology (1993).

He has also co-edited (with Sari Hanafi) a special issue of International Sociology on the Arab Spring (2015); edited Palestine America (as a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, 2003); Literature and Revolution (as a special issue of the Arab-American journal Mizna, 2012); and co-edited (with Brett Neilson) Drugs in Motion: Toward a Materialist Tracking of Global Mobilities (published as a special issue of Cultural Critique, 2009). His latest book, Lifeworlds of Islam is forthcoming next year with Oxford University Press.

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