Nadia Amal Bernoussi

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Project Description

Nadia Amal Bernoussi is a constitutionalist and a University Professor. She has been Director of the National School of Administration in Rabat for 3 years. She is a Doctorate holder from Montpellier University (France), as well as a PhD Thesis in Public law from Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

Nadia Amal Bernoussi is also Professor of Constitutional law and public institutions at the National School of Administration in Rabat, Law School in Mohammed V University, as well as at the Moroccan Academy of Diplomatic Studies. She teaches also at the Royal Institute of the territorial administration as well as the School of Governance and Economy.

She is also a Founding member of Moroccan associations of constitutional law and political sciences, Vice President of the International Association of constitutional law, Vice President of the International Academy of constitutional law, Honorary member of the African network of constitutional law, Member of the scientific committee of the CAFRAD (African Center of Training and administrative research for Development) as well as member of the Scientific Committee of the French Journal of Constitutional law, and REMALD (Moroccan Journal of Local Administration and Development).

She is member of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research, and President of its commission that deals with Education and its accessibility for all.

She has more than 100 publications (studies, articles, consulting reports…) published of to be in field such as constitutional justice, elections, gender equality …

She is member of the Consultative commission for the review of the Constitution, and was for this occasion decorated by his Majesty. She is President of the commission in charge of writing the law for creating the Council of Youth and Associative Action, and Founding member of the French-Moroccan network of public administration.

Nadia Amal Bernoussi
Nadia Amal Bernoussi Chairperson